UrbanScreen  Surrey Art Gallery, Various Exhibitions
billboards, bus shelter ads, invitations, posters
UrbanScreen Transit Advertising featuring the interactive public artwork Longing + Forgetting
The Space of Difference, Poster/Invitation, front and back (with a portion of the press run folded accordion style for mailing)
UrbanScreen Digital Billboard, featuring The Space of Difference
Paul Wong, Year of GIF, Poster/Invitation, front and back (folds for mailing)
Rencontres Imaginaires, Large Poster
Salmon People, Large Poster
Taking Time, Large Poster, front and back (folds for mailing)
UrbanScreen was Surrey Art Gallery’s award-winning offsite venue from 2010 to 2022 that showed digital and interactive art after dark on the west wall of Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre.
That Blue designed a number of posters, billboards, advertisements, and invitations for the UrbanScreen exhibitions over the past decade. Also see Art After Dark: 10 Years of UrbanScreen.
CREDITS UrbanScreen Curators, Alison Rajah, Rhys Edwards; Images provided by the artists, except for the front of the Taking Time poster: Taking Time poster graphics created by Lisa Marshall, That Blue.
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