Art After Dark  Book, UrbanScreen, Surrey Art Gallery
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Art After Dark: 10 Years of UrbanScreen is a survey of one of Canada’s leading venues for the outdoor display of projected new media art. The largest site of its kind in the country, UrbanScreen is internationally recognized for its award-winning program of site-specific, multimedia artworks. This publication compiles insightful essays by scholars, artists, critics, curators, and poets on the subject of every exhibition to have been displayed at UrbanScreen over the past decade. Also see UrbanScreen posters.
CREDITS  Cover Image: Liquid Landscapes by Nicolas Sassoon, 2018. See the Surrey Art Gallery Website for the full list of artists and writers, along with full credits. Printing by Hemlock Printers. Photographs of artworks: SITE Photography, Brian Giebelhaus, Blaine Campbell, and others. Artworks shown in the sample pages above: Faisal Anwar (CharBagh), Josh Hite (Repeats and Attempts), Mark Lewis (Rush Hour, Morning and Evening, Cheapside), Josephin Böttger (Trapez), Matthew Gingold, Thecla Schiphorst, and Philippe Pasquier (Longing and Forgetting), Bryan Lemos Beça and Steve DiPasquale (The Space of Difference), and Nicolas Sassoon (Serpentine and Boundary Bay, Liquid Landscapes series). Editors: Rhys Edwards and Alison Rajah, Surrey Art Gallery. Full publication available through Surrey Art Gallery.
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