Interactive Art Museum  Case for Support, Surrey Art Gallery
logo, visual style, print and digital delivery

Interactive Art Museum (iAM) is a vision for a museum for the future, in the heart of Surrey, as planned by Surrey Art Gallery: "iAM inspires the imaginations of all through innovative art and experiences that invite meaningful, inclusive connections, and participation. iAM will be a leading institution for contemporary and interactive art in Canada, bringing together local creators with artists from around the world. iAM builds on Surrey Art Gallery’s almost 50 years as a Class A museum that is committed to education and exhibitions in contemporary art and which has won national awards and international recognition for its specialization in digital art. iAM will facilitate creativity, participation, and learning within a digital context, as well as other forms of media." That Blue provided graphic design for a Case for Support document, in print and digital formats.
CREDITS  Graphic Design: That Blue, with Alison Rajah, Director, Surrey Art Gallery, and the Surrey Art Gallery team. Cover photograph: Sammy Chien performing at the Sentient Circuitries symposium, 2019, marking the 20th anniversary of Surrey Art Gallery’s TechLab. View the full published document.  Learn more about iAM
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