What Magic

Book Design

The book and print project with artist Gwenessa Lam, What Magic, was exhibited at Glenbow Museum in 2018. The project began a couple of years prior when Lam found an intriguing image and discovered the strange variety of contexts for its copies when conducting a Google search.

Gwenessa Lam evolved the project through drawing, etching, prints and an artist's book. Lisa Marshall worked with her to develop the typographic approach for the text portion of the project, and then developing the book design. The prints designed collaboratively were shown with Lam's prints of her drawing of the image, along with a central display structure for the book. The black-on-black ember-like feel for the book cover was reflected in the sombre tone of the installation.

Learn more about the project and Gwenessa Lam's work.

Gwenessa Lam: What Magic, Artist's Book
Gwenessa Lam: What Magic, Artist's Book
What Magic, book, cover view
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