Visual Identity, Headline, Print, Advertising, Illustrations, Diagrams, Presentations, Brochures, User Guides, White Papers, Web and Tradeshow Graphics

Big Data is an industry term for applications that draw from enormous data sets to extract useful information and insights. PHEMI is a Vancouver-based company developing technologies to share and secure virtual big data workspaces. Working with PHEMI’s marketing team, we developed a visual identity system and created multiple pieces for print, large-scale display, onscreen viewing and web advertising. View the full PDF version of the Corporate Overview and the Case Study pictured below.

PHEMI Corporate Overview Brochure
PHEMI Case Study
PHEMI: Webinar Ad
PHEMI: Vertical Web Ad
PHEMI tradeshow booth backdrop
PHEMI Print Materials

Over several years, our work for the Big Data startup PHEMI reached a variety of audiences from enterprise business to science and medicine. Projects included the design of tradeshow graphics, whitepapers, diagrams, case studies, advertising for print and online, product datasheets, brochures, presentations, postcards, and more.

Clean, clear and impactful diagrams and illustrations were created to convey PHEMI's innovations, from overview introductory level to technical diagrams with more detail.

PHEMI: Personalized Medicine Diagram
PHEMI Diagram
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