Family Sunday

Logo, Visual Identity, Print, Posters and Advertising

Surrey Art Gallery needed an engaging and easy-to-use Family Sunday promotional package. The Family Sunday logo and visual identity system allow for easy updates to the materials for each upcoming event. The system includes character graphics selected to suit the look and feel, providing an extendable and fun foundation for the design of posters and other promotional materials for each event.

The illustrations are customized to reflect the featured activities and workshops. With the design direction and the new set of templates, the gallery is now able to produce promotional materials for Family Sunday events in-house. (With character Design by Alexandr Aleabiev. Graphic Design and Visual Identity System by Lisa Marshall, That Blue. Learn more about Surrey Art Gallery's family programming on their website.)

Surrey Art Gallery Family Sunday Logo
Surrey Art Gallery Family Sunday Postcard
Surrey Art Gallery Family Sunday Materials
Surrey Art Gallery Family Sunday Posters
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